Product Review: Hey Mama! Tea for Moms to Be

Before pregnancy, I drank tea all the time. I actually prefer it to coffee. I would polish off an entire pitcher of home-brewed iced tea almost every day in the summer. My favorite way to make iced tea is to dump a few tea bags into a clear bottle or pitcher and leave it out in the sun for a few hours. When it looks good and dark, I put it into the fridge and drink it once it’s cold. I never add sugar. It is perfect just the way it is. Iced tea was a great study companion for me during the bar exam, that is, until I got pregnant. All of my favorite varieties of tea are caffeinated and I didn’t want to be bothered with exploring the supermarket for non-caffeinated versions, so I pretty much stopped drinking tea.

When I heard about Hey Mama! Tea, I decided to give it a try and ordered a variety 3-pack from from Amazon. I received three flavors: Lemon Glow, Minty Morning, and Pom Berry Baby.


What I like about these teas are that they are very convenient. They come in ready-to-drink bottles. I packed them in my lunch box and took them to work with me. I also love that they are lightly sweetened, caffeine-free, and satisfy my tea cravings quite nicely during my pregnancy. Here are my thoughts on each flavor.

Lemon Glow

Lemon is definitely an iced tea classic. This tea has raspberry leaf, nettle, and rooibos. I could definitely taste the bitterness of the nettle. I think I could have diluted this a little with some ice and water and it would have toned down the bitterness. Otherwise, it was still a very delicious tea and I appreciate that the raspberry leaf provides great benefits to the uterus during pregnancy.

Minty Morning

This tea featured a blend of peppermint, ginger, and rooibos. I love minty drinks. They’re delightfully refreshing. Since around my 20th week of pregnancy, I have been experiencing really bad heartburn and I think this tea really helped alleviate the burning sensation in my chest. I think it was the ginger that that did the trick.

Pom Berry Baby

I liked this flavor the best. This tea offers fenugreek, fennel, and chamomile. My favorite thing about this tea is the chamomile. I love the calming effects of chamomile, especially while I’m drinking this at work! The fennel offers a licorice-y flavor and it took a few sips to appreciate it. When I order this again, I will be diluting it with a little bit of water.

Overall, all three teas are very herbal and very strongly brewed. I drank them straight from the bottle, chilled in the fridge, but without ice. Because of their strength, I think that you could get more mileage out of each bottle by adding a little ice and even some water. One thing I would like to see in the future is dried leaf teas that I could buy in bulk and brew hot or cold at home for my convenience. That way I’ll have options – to-go bottles, or no bottle at all – just some good old-fashioned pitcher brew.

Pros Cons Bottom line: Would I buy this again?
+ Convenient pre-brewed iced tea in a glass bottle. – I can only find it on Amazon. Yes.
+ Very strong flavors. – Only available as brewed in bottle – no loose leaf or tea bag option.
+ Excellent herbal benefits.
+ One bottle can go a long way by diluting with water and ice.
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